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When you need to scribe a parallel line for squaring up wide panels, a standard marking gauge won’t do. Large workpieces call for a panel gauge.

Our gauge has a 25" long beam, capable of marking to the middle of 4 × 8 sheet goods. Its design was modelled on the Stanley No. 84 slitting gauge, which has a roller and tote on the blade end. We made ours out of beech for stiffness (which, in turn, improves accuracy), and replaced the tote with a horn for greater force and control of the cutting depth, especially when used at full extension. The horn can be flipped the other way to suit your handedness or your preferences when pulling or pushing the gauge. The hard-wearing Delrin roller ensures smooth travel over work surfaces without marring boards.

The 1" rabbeted step on the 9" wide by 3" tall fence provides good registration on the edge of a board. On the opposite end of the beam, there’s a non-rotating wheel cutter with a single bevel that leaves a crisp, clean line that you will be thankful for when ripping your stock with a handsaw.

Used with two hands, this panel gauge can make a deep cut, capable of going completely through thin materials, such as veneer, with only a few passes.

It is an indispensable tool when dimensioning or jointing multiple large panels to a consistent width without the use of power tools.

Beam, fence and horn are made of beech. The high-carbon steel wheel cutter is hardened to Rc50-52. Brass locking knob.

Made in Canada.

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