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When we purchased an unusual double-ended marking gauge for our antique tool collection, we immediately saw an opportunity to reinterpret this useful and elegant design. Since it retains two separate measurements at once (up to 3 1/4" combined), you can alternate between them as you work without having to reset the stops. It is particularly convenient for transferring and marking repetitive dimensions such as those needed for mortises and tenons.

A thumbscrew with a brass shoe locks each of the 3/4" diameter heads in position. The single-sided bevel pulls the gauge against stock to maintain accuracy while marking – the cutting edge is at the very end of the rod (also useful for transferring depth measurements). The wheel cutters at each end slice rather than tear fibers, scribing cleanly at any point of their circumference, even on cross grain. The 4 1/2" marking gauge fits easily in an apron pocket, and the cutting wheels retract into the gauge faces for safe storage.

Made of stainless steel with hardened steel cutters and brass locking shoes. A fast, accurate direct-transfer tool.

Made in Canada.

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