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These are folding rules for the 21st century. Made in Switzerland from fiberglass-reinforced polyamide, they are strong and lightweight, and will never warp. They won’t bend or twist like a tape measure, so you can hold either rule at any point along its length without needing to support its ends, helpful when working alone. You can mark the rule surfaces with a pencil, allowing you to use them like story sticks for direct reference. Each joint is spring loaded for constant tension, with detents that hold the rule in the open or folded position. The black-filled markings are deeply incised, and you can register a pencil tip in them when the rules are used on edge.

The pocket rule is 1m (just over 39") long, yet folds to only 5", small enough to fit comfortably in a shirt or pants pocket. It has metric markings on one face and Imperial markings on the other, graduated in millimetres and 16ths respectively.

The combination rule is 2m long with metric markings only, and folds to just over 9". It has graduations in millimetres on both sides, zeroed at both ends so you can read it from either direction. The 16cm extendable probe at one end makes it particularly useful for inside measurements – just unfold it to the nearest length, then make up the difference with the probe. It also functions as a protractor; when you hook the end of the probe into a hole in the third section of the rule, an arrow on the probe indicates the angle of the second arm.

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