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Most tape measures read from left to right, which is OK for just measuring, but becomes a problem when a right-hander needs to mark a measurement, especially when doing cut-off work – you end up either having to hold the pencil in your left hand or switching the tape to your left hand and then having to read tape markings that are upside down. We developed a line of tape measures for right-handers that read right to left. You can hold the tape in your left hand and mark with your right hand against markings that are facing you.

The smallest of our tapes, the 10' × 1/2" tape is the perfect size for keeping on the bench or in an apron.

At just over 2 1/2 oz, it is hardly noticeable in your apron pocket. Graduated in 16ths. For left-handers, we offer a left-to-right reading version as well; it reads the same as a standard tape measure.

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