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If you've ever used a key to open a box, you will appreciate this convenient multi-tool that provides a useful selection of tools without adding bulk to your pocket. Precisely laser-cut in the shape of our Lee Valley tree, it is made from a single piece of 2mm thick steel with a black-plated finish to resist wear and corrosion. Its identifiable shape makes it easy to find on a key ring in your pocket.

At the tip, it has a #1 Phillips screwdriver as well as a safety cutter blade that makes quick work of slicing open cardboard boxes, packing tape, envelopes and even clam-shell packaging. Its hooked end keeps the sharp edge shielded so you cannot accidentally cut yourself or your pocket. A stepped cutout in the middle serves as a 3/16", 1/4" or 5/16" hex wrench. At the base of the tree, a second cutout forms a bottle opener, and for quick measurement, we added graduations (in 16ths on one side and millimetres on the other) pretty much because we could.

A compact pocket tool for those times you need to help a friend open a beverage, tighten a helmet screw or open a box.

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