Accessibility Statement


The Veritas Flush Plane is ideal for flush trimming projections such as glue lines, laminate edges, and plugs. It can also be used for cleaning out inside corners (e.g., hinge gains, tenons, half-laps).

It is as handy on the job site as it is in the shop. The purposeful shape provides a comfortable, secure grip and is designed so that the blade can easily be reversed for safe storage and edge protection. At only 8 oz, it can be carried in a pouch or pocket, or loosely stored in a toolbox without fear of damaging the edge.

A powerful 1" diameter rare-earth magnet holds the 2" wide blade in place. A steel pin molded into the tough ABS body takes thrust loads. The included blade, with a 25° bevel angle, is readily removed for honing in the usual way.

Patented. Made in Canada.

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