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This tool gives you the precise depth control of a router plane but with a long, narrow sole for good registration on door edges and other narrow workpieces. By establishing the edges with a chisel, you can cut a crisply defined mortise without the need for a template or jig - in many cases, more efficiently than a power router. The large slot in the body lets you clearly see where you're cutting.

Depth setting is quick and easy, with a fine screw-feed mechanism and the resulting depth of cut controlled by a locking depth stop. A spring-loaded blade-clamping collar prevents the blade from shifting when the collar is loosened, allowing controlled adjustment to a depth of 1". It can also be set to fully release for quick blade removal.

Made from ductile cast iron, the plane has a 9 11/16" long, 1 13/16" wide sole, ground flat. The large wooden knobs are positioned with comfort and control in mind, with an angled rear knob to make it easier to push. The included 3/4" wide high-carbon steel cutter removes material quickly, and is interchangeable with the blades of the Veritas router plane. A blade sharpening jig for the two-piece blade is also included.

Measures 10 7/8" long overall and weighs 2 lb 6 oz.

Made in Canada. Patented.

Our high-carbon steel router plane blades (available separately) fit the Veritas hinge mortise plane.

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