Accessibility Statement


These handmade blades are substantially better than the "stock" blades supplied with planes today.

They are 20% thicker, which reduces blade chatter. Their high-carbon content and Rc62 hardness (standard blades are Rc58±) will provide a long-lasting, fine edge. These blades are also easier to hone than blades alloyed with tungsten or chromium.

The regular blades fit most production planes. The 4 1/4" long block plane blades have rear depth-adjustment grooves. Blades with the 7/16" slot fit both Record and older American-made Stanley block planes. Blades with the 5/8" slot fit current British-made Stanley block planes (the planes we carry). The spokeshave blades fit both Record and Stanley models.

These are excellent quality, performance enhancing blades. Final honing required.