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With a blade skewed at a 30° angle to reduce cut resistance and aid in shaving clearance, this plane cuts quickly and quietly, avoiding the set-up, noise and dust associated with power tools.

Corner cuts are clean and accurate. Tear-out on cross-grain work is reduced with a scoring spur that sits ahead of the blade. The 7 3/8" long fence allows a maximum rabbet width of 1 1/2" and is through-drilled to accept a wooden extension. An adjustable shoe controls the rabbet depth to a maximum 3/4" deep.

Supplied with a lapped blade 1/8" thick and just over 1 5/8" wide, with a bevel edge that is about 1 3/4", in A2, O1 or PM-V11 steel. The depth-adjustment mechanism is fast and accurate. Set screws along the side allow repeatable blade positioning. The 9 3/4" long ductile cast iron body is machined with a 45° blade bed and weighs 3 1/2 lb.

The plane is available in left- and right-hand versions. You may need only the version that suits your dominant hand, though they are in fact complementary, since having both lets you accommodate any grain direction. Patented.

A pair of 6" stainless-steel fence rods (2 1/2" longer than the rods supplied with the plane) are available separately.

Made in Canada.

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