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A versatile tool for fine work, particularly on narrow material or in confined areas, this plane excels at work requiring small recesses, grooves or dadoes. In the closed-throat position, the sole encircles the blade to register fully to the workpiece, even when approaching from the side or working an edge, and it bridges recesses for stability on narrow stock.

The blade may be positioned inboard for standard closed-throat use, or outboard, with the blade extending past the body, for true bullnose work. Positioned behind the blade, the blade-clamping knob allows visibility and chip clearance. The comfortable, accurately machined ductile cast iron body has a lapped sole. The 7 oz plane is 3 1/4" wide by 2 1/4" deep, with a 1/4" wide high-carbon steel blade. Patented.

To limit cutting depth to a preset maximum, an optional stainless-steel stop that clamps onto the blade shaft is available separately.

Plane and depth stop made in Canada.

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