Accessibility Statement


Designed for one-handed use, this small scraping plane has an articulating palm rest for comfortable, controlled grip. This allows it to be positioned to suit your preferred grip in either hand, or for knuckle clearance when working close to an adjacent surface.

The 2" wide, 0.040" thick, high-carbon-steel blade occupies the full width of the plane body, permitting clean, accurate cuts flush against a perpendicular surface. A set screw lets you bow the blade to make fine depth-of-cut adjustments and to prevent blade corners from leaving ridges in the work. The blade is ground at 45°, allowing you to easily burnish a hook.

A fixed frog sets the blade at 20°, the optimum angle for fine scraping. The edges of all gripping surfaces are chamfered for comfort, as is the leading edge of the lapped sole, preventing it from catching or marring work. The 5 1/4" long ductile cast iron body weighs 1 1/2 lb.


Made in Canada.

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