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Good needle-nose pliers should have jaws that maintain precise alignment, operate smoothly and don’t flex under force.

Sized for detail work, these perform well on all counts. Each has narrow, tapered jaws with a lightly hatched surface for good grip at the tips, adjacent to smooth surfaces used for bending material with less risk of marring.

A 1/4" gap in the jaws (known as a "burner hole") has toothed sidewalls for a firm bite on round materials. A side-cutter next to the hinge has hardened, double-bevelled edges for snipping wire or small finishing nails and brads.

The offset pliers have 1 3/4" jaws, with the last 1/2" set at 45° for leverage when prying or for clearance when working flush to a surface. Overall length is 5".

The straight pliers have jaws just over 2" in length, with three small openings that are useful for bending wire. Overall length is 6".

PVC coating for comfortable grip. Outstanding tools for modelmaking, these pliers excel at a wide range of other small-scale tasks, from household repairs to electronics work.

Made in Japan.

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