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If you find these tools irresistible when looking at a photo, just try holding them in your hands. Made to demonstrate the superb craftsmanship of Japan's largest pliers manufacturer, they are scale replicas of three of their favorites. But more than just intriguing curios, they are made to work, serving as excellent tools for modelmaking and electronics work, or for use by children.

Each of the miniature lineman's pliers, side cutters and needle-nose pliers is made to the same exacting standards as its full-size counterpart – an exceptional technical feat when working with parts so small. The resulting tools have tips that align precisely, jaws that meet flush, and hinges with a silky smooth action that makes them surprisingly easy to operate with just your fingertips.

Individually hand tested, each tool is made of hardened high-carbon steel with PVC-dipped handles, and measures just over 70mm (2 3/4") long, hence the name chiisai (pronounced "chee-sigh"), which means "small" in Japanese.

Supplied in a leather tool roll.

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