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The German firm NWS (Nöthen Werkzeuge Solingen) makes tools that are widely recognized in Europe for exceptional quality, innovation and performance.

The limit screw on these wire strippers permits calibration of the minimum jaw opening to the wire size at hand, allowing consistent insulation removal without nicking or even touching the conductor.

The V-shaped jaws make clean work of the initial insulation cut, while the comfort grips and the in-line pull direction support repetitive use with less fatigue than when using conventional wire strippers. The minimum jaw opening can be calibrated from 0 to 3/16".

Broad three-component grips create a balance of cushioning for comfort, texture for control and rigidity for support.

Intended for use by electricians, these tools are certified to comply with the North American, European, and international standards for 1000VAC/1500VDC insulated tools and are marked accordingly with the "double triangle" symbol of ASTM F1505, VDE, and the "1000V" designation of IEC 60900.

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