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Originally developed for auto-body work, this is an outstanding sanding block for woodworking.

It has cam-action clamps that instantly hold or release paper with a simple flip of a lever. The block is molded of tough ABS and has stainless-steel hardware, making it not only highly durable but useful for wet sanding as well as dry. The top and sides are shaped to fit the hand for a secure, comfortable grip during extended use, and the bottom has a neoprene pad to both grip the sandpaper and provide a cushion against minor surface irregularities.

With a 7 3/4" × 2 3/4" base, it is designed for use with 1/4 sheets of sandpaper, but can hold several sheets at once; as one sheet becomes worn, you can simply tear it away and continue working. Weighs 13 oz.

A sturdy, professional-grade tool, made in the USA. Assorted colors.

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