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With a 2 1/8" wide running surface machined at a right angle to its face, each of these blocks lets you accurately sand stock square and to size. Jointing stock by sanding instead of planing reduces the risk of splintering and chipping on thin stock, difficult grain, or even lacquered or painted moldings. The wooden knob is angled to help you apply equal force to the sole and face, and can be positioned at any point along the length of the sander, locking in place with a simple twist of the knob.

Compatible with any shop-made shooting board sized for our shooting plane, each sander has a 1/4" wide lip along the bottom of the face that keeps the sander from widening the shooting board track. The body is extruded aluminum with a black anodized finish. Available in 8" and 16" lengths; the 16" sander makes sanding long edges more efficient, since it maintains contact with the work over a larger area.

Each sander comes with six 1 1/4" wide strips of PSA-backed sandpaper – two each of 120x, 180x and 220x aluminum oxide grit with a zinc stearate coating. The strips are 9" long for the 8" sander and 17" long for the 16" sander. Additional sheets of the premium-quality B/C-weight paper are available separately in packages of 12.

Simple tools, and surprisingly useful in any shop.

Made in Canada.

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