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Also commonly referred to as Swede saws, these are outstanding value. Made in Portugal, they have the same blade style and over-the-center blade-tensioning lever that made this style of saw famous a century ago. Anybody who has used a short-blade frame saw knows that the knuckle guards on these saws will save a lot of skin.

Sold individually or as a set, the saws are 21" and 36" long overall, giving you the option of having a compact, portable saw with 6" of clearance between the blade and frame, and a full-size saw for thicker material (8" clearance between the blade and frame). Both are fast and efficient.

They have rigid oval steel-tube frames, each supplied with a hard-point, 3tpi blade (in a pattern of four plain teeth plus a raker) typically used for cutting green wood. Replacement blades and optional standard 3.5 tpi plain-tooth blades that are best suited for cutting dry wood) are available separately.

The four-piece set includes the 21" and 36" saws (with the supplied blades), plus the standard plain-tooth blades.

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