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For cutting dovetails and tenon cheeks, a rip-tooth saw with minimal set is preferred to a crosscut pattern; you can achieve straighter cuts.

At first glance, all you can see is the rip-tooth configuration of this dozuki. However, if you look at it with an eye loupe or strong glass, you will see that there are very tiny secondary bevels on the tooth tips that facilitate crosscutting with virtually no reduction in ripping efficiency.

You have to use this saw to believe how well it is designed. You can cut cheeks and shoulders both with it. It excels at ripping but it is quite acceptable on crosscuts.

The alloy-steel blade is hardened to a remarkable Rc61 compared with Rc38-42 for most western saws. It will hold an edge for many years unless abused. Good thing, because this is not one you can sharpen yourself.

The 18 tpi blade tapers from 0.011" at the tooth to just under 0.010" at the steel spine and has only 0.004" of total set. The steel spine is arched for additional rigidity. The 9 3/4" blade widens from 1 1/2" depth of cut next to the haft to about 2 1/8" at the tip. 24" long overall.

This is a superb saw with sawdust finer and speed greater than you expect to see from any dovetail saw.

Made in Japan.

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