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For any major scraping work, nothing beats a ball-joint scraper. The handle can be set anywhere in a 70° cone, allowing a comfortable grip and effective blade orientation in virtually any circumstance. The handle unlocks or locks solidly with a quarter turn. Another advance on its predecessors is the hand rest on the blade. Substantial pressure can be applied to speed work.

The scraper is available in a high-carbon steel (HCS) or a carbide-blade style.

The HCS style is used for finishing bare wood surfaces where maintenance of a finely formed edge is more significant. The 3" × 3" × 1/16" HCS blade comes with one edge bevelled. You may wish to bevel one or more others, but it also works perfectly well treated as a heavy-duty cabinet scraper with square, burnished edges.

The carbide-blade style is preferred for paint scraping. The 2" long carbide blade requires a specially designed holder and both edges can be used.

Both blade assemblies are available separately so that you can mix and match. Both scrapers are particularly useful on large surfaces like table tops or even floors. You might want to round the corners a bit on both blade styles (depending on your use) to avoid sharp transition lines between adjacent passes. Both styles are 8 1/2" long overall.

Made in Canada.

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