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Special buy. Limited stock.

We acquired a limited quantity of these multi-bit screwdriver sets as part of a closeout purchase, which is why we can offer it at such a good price.

With a smooth ratcheting mechanism and an excellent locking bit holder, it is a good-quality tool, albeit with one flaw – the bits are too long to fit the storage compartment inside the handle, so they are supplied on a separate carrier (a likely explanation for why they ended up as a closeout in the first place).

The five included double-ended bits cover ten of the most commonly needed screw sizes and styles (#1, #2 and #3 Phillips, #1, #2 and #3 square-recess, 3/8" and 1/4" slot, and T10 and T20 Torx-style, all with 1/4" hex shanks). Unlike the relatively short bits often supplied with multi-bit drivers, each projects about 3 3/8" from the handle, comparable to a full-length standard screwdriver.

To use the quick-change bit holder, simply push whichever bit you need into the end, where it automatically locks and cannot slip out. To change bits, just pull back the release collar, slide out the bit and pop another in its place. The ratcheting mechanism operates right, left or locked, and the handle has a tough rubberized coating for grip.

Excellent value, for about what it would cost to buy ten bits alone.

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