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Discontinued. Limited stock.

The unique split-blade design of these screwdrivers allows one-handed installation of slot screws. They are particularly useful for stainless-steel and brass screws (which a magnetized screwdriver will not hold).

Simply place the screw on the blade and push the shaft sleeve forward. This action causes the two halves of the blade tip to overlap, wedging the blade to the screw. Sliding the sleeve back again releases the screw.

The 1/8" tip, 5” long driver holds #2 to #6 slot screws; the 3/16" tip, 7 1/2" long driver is for #5 to #10 and the 1/4" tip, 9 3/4" long driver is for #8 to #14.

Available individually or as a set of all three.

Made in USA.