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Popularized by acclaimed turner Jean-François Escoulen, the bedan is a traditional spindle-turning tool that cuts convex shapes quickly and is capable of leaving a surface so smooth it needs only minimal sanding.

The tool is well supported through the cut, so it is less prone to catching than a skew.

Though made in England, this is the straight-sided French-style bedan intended for bevel-up use.

Two sizes are available: a 5mm (3/16") wide, 6 3/4" long blade for detail work (9 1/2" handle), and a general-purpose 10mm (3/8") wide, 8 1/4" long blade, with an 11 1/2" handle.

While either can be used to cut tenons, the 10mm bedan is particularly efficient because of its wide edge.

Made by Henry Taylor, both have 3/8" thick M2 high-speed steel blades (Rc62-64), brass ferrules and lacquered beech handles.