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An excellent hollower for medium to large vessels, this tool has been updated with new linkages to allow for both inboard and outboard turning, and to include durable HSS cutters. Used alone or in combination with the two 1 1/2" arm linkages, the articulating cutter head allows you to form a large range of vessel shapes and sizes, and to reach difficult areas such as the inside shoulders of semi-enclosed forms.

An adjustable hood over the circular carbide steel cutter sets depth of cut – open for heavy hogging, to near closed for fine shear cuts. When dull, the circular cutter is simply rotated to reveal a fresh edge. An included dowel helps hold the small cutters securely for sharpening.

The 5/8" diameter, 16 3/4" long steel tool shaft allows substantial reach into deep vessels. The hollow aluminum handle with cushioned grip is about 19 1/2" long by 1 1/2" in diameter. Ballast, such as lead shot, can be added for stability and to absorb vibration. The tool shaft secures with a three-wing knob that, when aligned with the cutter head, provides a visual reference of the cutter position within hollow forms.

The cutter head and arm linkages are stainless steel. Comes with three cutters (one installed, two extra), a sharpening dowel, hex keys, a screwdriver set and instructions.

Made in New Zealand.