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Suitable for both roughing and delicate finishing cuts, these unique hollowers are easy to master, allowing you to focus on the developing shape of the piece rather than on the tool. Designed to automatically present the cutter at the correct angle to the work, the broad, flat shafts register solidly on the tool rest to resist torsion and improve control.

Performing well in green and dry woods without clogging, the 0.35" diameter cutting tips are durable carbide for edge retention; when they eventually begin to show signs of wear, simply loosen the screw mount (hex key included) and rotate the tip to expose a fresh edge. The stainless-steel shafts resist damage from green or acidic wood, and the stout copper-ferruled maple handles have a stepped profile for a comfortable, secure grip.

The #1 hollower has a straight shaft with a tapered cross section for clearance when wasting material during initial hollowing. The #2 hollower has a moderate gooseneck curvature for clearing out the sides of a vessel, while the #3 hollower has a more pronounced incurve, effective for reaching into sharply undercut areas at the rim. Overall tool lengths listed. Excellent tools.

Made in USA.

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