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Special buy. Limited stock.

While quantities last, we’re offering Kreg’s metric K4 pocket-hole jig at a 26% discount compared to our most recent price of $80 for the original Imperial version.

It's the same as the versatile K4 jig we’ve offered previously, except that the drilling block is marked in metric units. Of course, it functions just like the original, ensuring accurate, consistent screw placement – the 19mm and 38mm settings work perfectly well on 3/4" and 1 1/2" thick material, respectively, so it makes no practical difference in the results.

The rigid fiberglass-reinforced nylon drill-guide block installs in a base that can be secured with a fast-acting toggle clamp (not included) for benchtop work, or the block can be used on its own as a simple portable jig. The hardened-steel insert places holes 14mm, 22mm or 36mm apart, depending on stock width, and nine drill block positions let you set the appropriate drilling depth for 12mm to 38mm thick materials.

A snap-in dust-collection shroud (with a 1 1/4" diameter outlet) can be connected to a vacuum system to extract dust right at the source to help prevent drill flutes from packing with debris.

Made in USA.

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