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Ideal for turners to cut accurate and repeatable bowl blanks and circles, this high-quality jig attaches easily to most bandsaws.

Made of anodized, machined aluminum, the long extrusion (with built-in sliding scale) mounts on the bandsaw bed using two adjustable clamps while the crossbar affixes across it and the sliding pivot point is aligned with the blade.

A magnifying window on the cross bar allows easy reading of the radius measurements to ensure precise circle size and cuts.

The included material support block and sliding side support blocks provide increased balance and control of the stock while cutting, especially for heavier pieces such as large bowl blanks, or circles for small table tops, lazy Susans and more.

The jig allows you to cut circles up to 4' in diameter, though for the larger cuts you will need to provide additional external support (or even have a helper to aid with mounting, rotating and holding the material being cut).

Instructions and hardware included.

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