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A dovetail joint isn’t just elegant; it is also inherently strong, as the interlinked faces provide a firm mechanical lock and the large contact area provides ample gluing surface. While dovetails aren’t especially complex to cut by hand, using a jig and a router not only speeds the task considerably, but it also yields predictable, repeatable results.

Suitable for stock up to 11 1/4" wide, this economical jig has fixed templates to let you create snug-fitting 8° through dovetails in stock between 1/2" and 3/4" thick, or 14° half-blind dovetails with a 7/16" overlay in 5/8" to 13/16" material. Quick-acting cams secure the work for precise machining. Fine tuning through-dovetail fit is easily accomplished by shifting the position of the pin template; to adjust half-blind joints, you simply change the cutting depth of the router bit. Spacing of pins and tails is fixed at 1/2".

Largely made from heavy-gauge powder-coated steel with machined aluminum templates, the jig comes with everything needed to get started: two templates for through and half-blind dovetails, 1/2" × 8° and 1/2" × 14° dovetail cutters and a 5/16" × 1" straight cutter (all 8mm shanks), a 1/2" to 8mm collet reducer, a 7/16" guide bushing (fits base plates with a 1 3/16" through bore and a 1 3/8" counterbore) and an instruction manual.

A fast, straightforward and affordable way to incorporate dovetail joinery into your projects.

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