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If you use air tools, you know that the hoses supplied with most compressors are stiff, unwieldy and prone to twists and tangles. In our tests, we found this one remarkably easy to handle. Made from a strong but supple advanced polymer blend, it has virtually no spool memory, so it uncoils neatly, lies flat in use, and won’t recoil spontaneously. Highly resistant to splitting and abrasion, it remains flexible in temperatures as low as -40°F/°C, and can withstand pressure to 300 psi.

We offer it in 25' and 50' lengths in a high-visibility color that is easy to spot underfoot, so it’s less likely to snare the unwary. Durable plastic kink-eliminator cuffs reduce strain at the hose ends. Each 3/8" I.D. hose has threaded aluminum fittings at either end that connect to standard 1/4" NPT couplers and plugs, for a secure press-fit connection to pneumatic tools.

Seven-piece set of zinc-plated steel quick-change couplers sold separately.

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