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Covered with hundreds of extremely sharp tungsten carbide teeth, these carving burrs remove stock quickly and stay sharp considerably longer than HSS burrs. They have a pattern of regularly spaced teeth aligned in rows, which makes the burrs less prone to loading and easier to clean (we recommend using a brass brush to quickly remove any build-up, if needed).

They can be used on softwood, hardwood, plastic and composites. Grits are color-coded for quick identification; the coarse burrs (red) are for aggressive material removal, while the fine burrs (blue) leave a smoother finish that looks like it was sanded. We offer a wide range of profiles; shanks are either 1/4" or 1/8" in diameter. Maximum 25,000 rpm for head diameters less than 13/16"; maximum 10,000 rpm for head diameters of 13/16" or greater.

Made in USA by Foredom.

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