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The Basic Oneway scroll chucks have a nickel-plated body, case-hardened base jaws and a scroll coated with a dry, long-lasting lubricant. Precisely made, the chuck body typically has less than 0.001" of runout; with the jaws mounted, runout can be expected to be less than 0.005". Due to their special construction, the jaws can be easily tightened on round or square stock. A stop pin prevents overextension of the jaws. Lever operated, the chuck weighs 4 lb.

The arbor is an adapter that is mounted separately (Basic and Talon chucks share the same adapter). The unique taper-lock adapter makes the chuck run truer, while guaranteeing safe use of the chuck for right- or left-hand turning. The 1" × 8 tpi adapter is specially threaded for both inboard and outboard mounting.

Match the kit to lathe brands and their headstock thread size:

  • Beaver : 7/8” x 14 tpi, #1 Morse taper
  • Craftsman and Coronet: 3/4” x 16 tpi, #1 Morse taper
  • Rikon, Delta and General 160: 1” x 8 tpi, #2 Morse taper
  • General 260: 1 1/4" x 8 tpi, #2 Morse taper
  • Shopsmith: 5/8” plain

If you wish to use the chuck on a different lathe, you need only purchase an adapter separately.

This kit includes a taper-lock adapter, a standard 1 1/2" woodworm screw, a #2 jaw set, the appropriate levers or chuck key and a hex key. The Basic chuck is also available in a body-only version (without jaws, woodworm screw or taper-lock adapter).

Made in Canada.

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