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Made in the USA, this set of self-centering drill bits and their complementary drivers helps position fasteners with both speed and accuracy.

Each drill bit is set inside a sprung sliding collar that has a tapered tip that registers in the screw hole of the hardware being mounted, automatically centering it. Drill depth is 9/16". Flipping the drill/driver insert end for end lets you switch from drilling to driving rapidly.

The set includes three double-ended drill/driver bits sized for use with #6, #8 and #10 screws (3/32" drill/#1 Philips driver, 7/64" drill/#2 Philips driver and 1/8" drill/#2 Philips driver) and a quick-change holder with a 1/4" shank. It includes three spare drill bits, three spare set screws, and a hex key, used to replace the bits.

A well-made, well designed set, offered at an excellent price.