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Stanley Powerbore bits have not been available for some years now. After many customer requests, we have made a long-brad bit to fill the void.

These bits have several advantages; an outlining spur ensures clean entry, the large throat avoids choking in green wood, and the long brad minimizes wander while letting you drill into wood at an oblique angle.

The long brad is also helpful in preventing blast-out, which is usually unavoidable with shaped wood unless you use a long-brad bit. With this type of bit you bore from one side until the brad exits, then complete the hole from the other side using the brad hole as a centering point.

All bits are 6 1/2" long and have 1/4" hex quick-change shanks. Suitable for use in a three-jaw brace.

These bits excel in green woods and softwoods, but are unsuitable for dry hardwood. They are the traditional choice of chairmakers and workers in green wood generally.

Made in Canada. Patented.