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These bits simplify the task of pre-drilling holes for hinges or other screw-mounted hardware by ensuring that the hole is accurately centered every time.

The precision-made hardened carbon-steel guide barrel has a bevelled end that automatically aligns the internal HSS drill bit to the center of the mounting hole in the hardware. You can control drill depth by adjusting a set screw in the side of the barrel (5/64" hex key not included).

Available in three sizes, sold individually or in a set of all three. Each bit has a hex shank that fits any 1/4" drill chuck.


  • For 5/64" drill size, maximum drilling depth is 7/16”; screw sizes #3 and #4



  • For 7/64" drill size, maximum drilling depth is 1/2”; screw sizes #5 and #6



  • For 9/64" drill size, maximum drilling depth is 3/4”; screw sizes #8, #9 and #10

Made in USA.

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