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Two simple but powerful on/off switchable magnets allow the Magfence II to easily attach to most ferrous metal tables regardless of size (each magnet exerts 150 lb of holding force). For smaller tables (such as a drill press), the magnets can be repositioned in the fence body for optimal spacing. Switched on, the fence is securely held.

The base fence is 15" long and 3" high, with four T-slot-compatible channels in the face. The fence is also supplied with nylon-tipped set screws for precise squaring of the fence to the blade if your table is not exactly perpendicular to the blade.

Sacrificial plastic wear faces are available separately in 3" and 5" heights for operations where there is a chance of blade contact. The taller 5" face extends the registration face for resawing.

A solid and versatile fence system. 

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