Accessibility Statement


Our low-profile 30" power tool guide fits across the width of most benches without an awkward overhang, making it easier to crosscut a long workpiece with the bench supporting the workpiece's length. It is also a manageable length for working with smaller-scale material.

The guide comes with a pair of 1" capacity clamps that can be positioned anywhere along its length. For clamping thicker materials, 2" capacity clamps are available separately.

Rubber expansion washers let you set the clamps to slide freely or with the amount of drag you desire.

If you need to cut longer stock, the optional 48" guide extension (sold separately) is a convenient accessory. The combined track segments give the guide a total length of 78".

The 12" long traveller, available separately, ensures straight cuts by preventing the tool from wandering away from the guide.

Also sold separately, the optional position stop is used with the traveller to limit non-through cuts, such as dadoes and rabbets.

Made in Canada.

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