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This system lets you use a circular saw much like a track saw for improved accuracy and safety. The saw mounts to a sled (compatible with right-hand and left-hand models) that interlocks with the aluminum track, ensuring straight cuts and reducing the chance of kickback.

In preparation for first use, run the saw along the track, trimming its sacrificial edge strip flush with the blade. The cut edging provides support right at the kerf to reduce chipping and tearout.

It also makes for easy positioning, since you can place the edging directly on your cut line. In most applications, the track doesn't need to be clamped down — high-friction strips keep it in place.

A nylon infeed extension supports and aligns the saw at the beginning of the cut; it also lifts the saw guard before it contacts the workpiece, and guides the power cord to keep it out of the way.

The track is 53" long, and can be separated into two 26 1/2" sections for shorter cuts or storage and transport.

For extra security when working with bowed material or slippery surfaces such as plastic laminate, we offer a pair of optional track clamps separately.


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