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A simple upgrade to any compact router, this retrofit base plate mounts in place of the base plate supplied with your tool, improving its utility in several ways.

When routing freehand, the 6" wide plate provides a broader platform to register against the surface of the work for better stability and control. Made of 1/4" thick clear acrylic, it doesn’t obscure your view of the work, and has a flat edge for reliable registration against a fence or template.

It’s also the key to using the Veritas Table for Compact Routers, serving as an essential component that connects your tool to the table top.

It’s available with predrilled mounting holes to match the base plates of common makes and models of compact routers. To ensure you order the correct version, go to the specifications tab, select the hole-pattern PDF corresponding to your router, and print the pattern at full size (100%).

If your tool is not one of those listed, we offer a blank base plate, supplied with a centering guide and straightforward instructions on how to drill it to match the mounting-hole pattern of any other compact router.

Each base plate accepts standard 1 3/16" template guides, inserts and inlay bushings, and has mounting holes for optional knobs (all sold separately).

Made in Canada.

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