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Cutting threads in wood with a router prevents the cross-grain breakage that can occur with a thread box. Easy to set up, this is an effective thread-cutting system for dowels or custom parts. The kit includes all you need to start cutting and tapping threads – except the carbide bit, which must be purchased separately.

Your router clamps directly to the wood and aluminum table and is aligned using an included aluminum centering sleeve. A precision-machined low-friction threading insert ensures accuracy without marking your wood.

Internal threads are produced with a three-flute combination tap specially designed to cut easily and cleanly. The tap has a removable pilot with the capacity to tap a full thread to within 7/16" of the bottom of a hole, rendering separate bottoming taps unnecessary.

The socket-head screw that secures the pilot to the tap body is quickly and easily removed and is just as easily reattached with the included wrench.

Also available as part of a set at a substantial saving over buying the kits individually.

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