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Router bits tend to get lost when presented all together. This bit is so different from the usual "edge treatment" bits that it deserves highlighting.

It is a highly specialized bit that is used for one purpose only, to cut keyhole slots in picture frames. If you have ever owned one of these bits, you know that it saves a lot of money and a lot of frustration.

Keyhole slots can be put in most picture frames. For a heavy frame, use two slots and two hanging screws. The process is quick and reliable, and saves endless wire and hooks, which you never have anyway when you need them. These bits are single flute for easier plunging.

Our professional/industrial grade bits have tungsten carbide inserts ground on CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines using 600x diamond wheels. Tungsten carbide maintains its hardness at high temperatures and holds an edge far longer than high-carbon or high-speed steels. The bit bodies have a non-stick coating for easy resin removal.

Each bit includes an advanced polymer friction-fit holder that can be mounted horizontally or upright.


Keyhole Router Bits – 3/8" diameter

A: 3/8"

B: 1/8"

C: 1/4" or 8mm

D: 3/8"

Keyhole Router Bits – 1/2" diameter

A: 1/2"

B: 3/16"

C: 1/4" or 8mm

D: 1/2"

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