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Accumulating a set of router bits is a long and expensive process, and every job seems to require at least one bit you don't have. This set contains the most often-used bits, in the most common sizes, and represents great value.

Our professional/industrial grade bits have tungsten carbide inserts ground on CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines using 600x diamond wheels. Tungsten carbide maintains its hardness at high temperatures and holds an edge far longer than high-carbon or high-speed steels. The bit bodies have a non-stick coating for easy resin removal.

The set, packaged in a sturdy wooden box, contains:

  • a 1/2" 14° dovetail bit

  • a 1/2" core box bit

  • 1/4", 1/2", and 3/4" straight bits

  • a 3/4" 90° grooving bit

  • a 1/2" flush trim bit

  • a 5/8" cove bit

  • a 1 7/16" diameter 45° chamfering bit

  • a 1 3/8" Roman ogee bit

  • a 1/2" radius (1 1/2" in diameter) corner rounding bit

  • a 1 1/4" rabbeting bit

By buying the set rather than the individual components, you save approximately 40%. A great starter set available with 1/4" or 1/2" shanks.