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Although these bits can cut a wide variety of moldings, their primary advantage is the ability to solve little problems with just one bit. By adjusting the height of the bit to use a portion of the profile, you can add a multiplicity of details to a standard molding.

(Note: for additional clearance, the end bearing is removable.) For use with routers of 2 hp or more.

For better safety, these bits should be used only in a router table equipped with a fence and not used free hand.

Each bit includes an advanced polymer friction-fit holder that can be mounted horizontally or upright.

The 1 1/4” bit uses a 3/8” × 3/16” replacement bearing and the 2 1/4” bit uses a 1/2" × 3/16” replacement bearing (available separately).


Multi-Profile Bits – 1 1/4" Diameter

A: 1 1/4"

B: 1"

C: 1/4"

Multi-Profile Bits – 2 1/4" Diameter

A: 2 1/4"

B: 1 7/8"

C: 1/2"

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