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These double-fluted spiral bits have a downward cutting action that shears cross-grain fibers cleanly and with no surface tear-out, ensuring crisp, sharply defined edges.

The 1/8" shank solid carbide bits complement the Veritas plunge base for rotary tools but can also be used in a 1/4" plunge router or laminate trimmer fitted with a bushing adapter (available separately).

The 0.025", 0.032" and 0.040" bit diameters match the blade sizes of our inlay tools so that you can use these together when cutting grooves for stringing.

Overall length of 1 1/2" with a flute length three times the cutting diameter.

The narrow web of the bits makes them best suited to shallow, progressive passes, cutting no deeper than their diameter. Finely ground, excellent-quality bits in difficult-to-find sizes.

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