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With this modular system, you can create guides, hold-downs and safety accessories that mount independent of the miter slot. Central to the system is an 8 1/2" × 4" universal base that holds two switchable Mag-Jig rare-earth magnets that can be toggled on or off at the turn of a knob. In the “on” position, the magnets align, instantly affixing to any ferrous surface; switched off, the magnets counteract each other for removal or repositioning.

The interchangeable components connect easily to the base with supplied hardware. Base and components are molded from tough ABS. The starter kit includes a base, two 30mm Mag-Jig clamps (each exerts 155 lb of direct-pull holding force), and an 8 1/2" featherboard, reversible for use on either side of a tablesaw blade.

A versatile, reliable system.

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