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These blades have a five-tooth pattern with minimal set (every fifth tooth is a straight raker), a 6 1/2° rake angle, and a hook angle that results in incredibly fast-cutting, with fast chip removal. The thin-kerf blade produces a smooth finish requiring little sanding.

Made in Sweden, they will last three to four times longer than stamped or ground blades due to the milling, hardening and quality of the steel. They cut absolutely straight; the body is milled and the teeth are perfectly set, resulting in a straight, smooth cut, regardless of wood thickness. The back of the blade is rounded to assist in making tight radius cuts.

For scroll cutting, the 3/16" × 10 tpi blade is the blade to use — it will cut just as tight a radius as a regular 1/8" blade, but it is stronger. The 1/4" × 6 tpi size is a general-purpose blade suitable for pattern cutting, cutting 2 × 4s, etc. The 3/8" × 3 tpi blade is fast cutting but rough, useful for cutting thick carving or turning blanks.

The 1/2" × 3 tpi blade will resaw thin straight strips, with no cupping or bowing of the blade, or any dimensional change during the resaw. It will resaw material up to 12" thick and can also be used for turning blanks.

The blade lengths are


    • 72" for Delta 10"/Shopsmith 11" saws



    • 93 1/2" for Delta 14"/Jet/Grizzly saws



    • 105" for Delta 14" saw with riser



    • 80" for Sears 12"/ Sears 12" tilt head/Sears older style saws



    • 73 1/2" for Inca 10 1/2" saw



    • 104 1/4" for Inca 710 saw



    • 98 1/2" for General 15" saw



We believe you will be quite excited by the performance of these blades.