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Optimized for cordless track saws, the thin-kerf blade design allows you to work up to two times faster with up to 50% longer battery life for more cuts per charge. Additionally, enhanced tooth geometry provides up to 40% longer blade life with improved cutting performance and consistent cut quality.

For TSC 55 K, HK 55 and HKC 55 saws; not compatible with the TS 55 or previous models of the TSC 55.

Main Applications:

  • For rapid working with low application of power, especially for rip cuts in solid wood
  • Suitable for hardwood and softwood



  • Made from high-quality steel with saw teeth made from fine-grain carbide
  • High cutting performance for rip cuts in solid wood
  • Diameter: 160mm
  • Kerf: 1.8mm
  • Bore: 20mm
  • Hook angle: 20°
  • Relief angle: 15°
  • Tooth shape: PW (panther cross-cut tooth)
  • Number of teeth: 12

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