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Forrest saw blades are consistently ranked among the top-performing blades in the industry. Hardened to Rc40-42, the steel plates are laser cut, hand trued and then tensioned to produce a runout accuracy better than 0.001". The long-life C-4 carbide teeth are finely ground and produce clean, finish-quality cuts with little side scoring or tear-out. All blades have 5/8" arbors and have a maximum rpm of 7000 (though the maker recommends running the blades at between 3000 and 5000 rpm for best results).

For crosscutting veneered plywood, particle board, laminates, composites and solid woods, the teeth on the Duraline HI-A/T blades are set with steep 40° ATB and a 5° face hook for exceptionally clean cuts through both top and bottom surfaces. The 10" blades are available in 3/32" or 1/8" kerf versions.

A stiffener, though not required, is recommended on thin-kerf (less than 1/8") blades for best performance. Sold separately.

Made in USA.

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