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  • Wider application spectrum due to interchangeable router tables

  • Multi Material Control (MMC) electronics deliver soft-start, variable speed and constant speed under load

  • Routing depth adjustment to 1/10mm (1/256")

Main Applications:

  • Routing solid wood, acrylic and PVC edge veneer

  • Chamfering, rounding and profiling edges

  • Grooving with side stop

Accessories Included:

  • Clamping collets: 1/4" and 8mm diameter

  • Dust-extraction hood

  • Standard vertical threaded base for U.S. guide bushing

  • Plug-it power cord

  • Wrench

Set Includes:

  • MFK 700 EQ Module Edge Router

  • 1.5° Horizontal Base - Allows for the usage of bearing-less bits. Designed for straight routing while providing a no-file edge on laminates.

  • Feeler Bearing - Adjustable guide bearing for use with 0° and 1.5° horizontal base when using bearing-less bits.

  • Systainer SYS 2 T-LOC case

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Technical Data for MFK 700 EQ Module Edge Router

Power consumption: 720 W

Idle engine speed: 10,000 rpm-26,000 rpm

Collet dia.: 1/4" and 8mm

Fine height adjustment range: 14mm (9/16")

Max. cutter dia.: 26mm (1")

Dust collection connection dia.: 27mm

Weight: 1.9kg (4.2 lb)

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