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Setting a high standard, Rikon bandsaws are accurate and easy to use. They have a welded steel frame for rigidity, as well as low-friction ball-bearing blade guides above and below the table to help prevent twisting and deflection. An upper guide/blade guard assembly with a rack-and-pinion mechanism permits smooth height adjustments. They have a substantial resawing capacity for their size, with ample power to take advantage of this capability, as well as a fence with a direct-reading scale for accurate, quick positioning.

The deluxe bandsaw is a versatile machine with more than sufficient power for cutting dense, thick hardwoods without risk of stalling. Its table provides a broad, stable surface for working with large stock and tilts using a handwheel-controlled mechanism, permitting easy, precise adjustments.

The fence can be switched from a conventional vertical orientation to horizontal for better safety and blade control when working with thin, narrow stock. It easily adjusts to compensate for drift, and has a removable resaw guide with a cambered surface to allow quick course corrections.

Unique to Rikon, blade changes and guide bearing adjustments are done without tools. The guard has a hinged front that swings out of the way for easy access. Instead of the usual grub screws, low-profile knobs secure the bearings, which are spring-tensioned to automatically retract during blade changes but are easy to reposition before locking them back down. When you've finished a work session, a release lever lets you instantly loosen blade tension to prevent premature blade fatigue and wear to the saw's bearings, tires and spring.

A cabinet in the base provides storage for blades and other accessories. For moving the saw, we offer an optional wheeled bracket set separately.

An impressive saw, backed by a 5-year warranty. Comes with a 5/8" × 4 tpi regular-tooth blade; additional 111" long blades are available.


Rikon 14" Deluxe Bandsaw

Motor: 1 3/4 HP / 115V (can be wired for 230V)

Frame Construction: Welded steel

Re-Saw Capacity: 13"

Fence Construction: Cantilevered, extruded aluminum

Ripping Width: 13 5/8"

Fence Height: 6" in vertical orientation, 1/2" in horizontal

Table Size: 16" deep by 22" wide

Table Tilt – Left: -7°

Table Tilt – Right: 45°

Miter Gauge Slots: 2 @ 3/8" × 3/4"

Blade Length: 111"

Blade Width Range: 3/16" to 3/4"

Supplied Blade: 5/8" × 4 tpi

Blade Speed: 2950'/min., can be reduced to 1445'/min.

Footprint: 24" × 17 1/2"

Overall Height: 76"

Weight: 285 lb

Dust Port: 4" O.D.

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