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Operating at about half the speed of a conventional grinder, this grinder reduces the risk of overheating the tool and softening the steel. It comes with white aluminum oxide wheels, which are better suited to sharpening edge tools than the carborundum wheels found on most grinders. The 1" wide 60x and 120x wheels have a medium bond strength and a medium-density structure, so they run cooler and are less susceptible to glazing. The 1-horsepower motor provides ample torque when needed for significant stock removal and is rated for continuous use. It has heavy-duty industrial bearings for durability and to help minimize shaft runout (especially important with CBN wheels).

The cast metal tool rests and brackets are connected by an anti-slip mounting, providing a rigid, stable platform. The grinder has a heavy cast-iron base and steel housing that provide substantial mass to dampen vibration.

It comes with four high-impact plastic spark shields (two plain ones and two with 2X magnification) and a built-in gooseneck LED lamp. An excellent choice for the woodworking shop. 5-year manufacturer's warranty.


Rikon 8" Low-Speed Grinder

Motor: 1 hp

No load speed: 1750 rpm

Wheel diameter: 8"

Max. wheel width (guards in place): 1"

Shaft: 5/8"

Tool rest: 4 3/8" × 1 7/8"

Dust pick-up: 1 1/4" O.D.

Footprint: 6 3/4" × 9 1/2"

Weight: 54 lb

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