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This water-thin cyanoacrylate adhesive stands out for its ability to flow into tight spaces, wicking into tiny cracks, filling small voids and stabilizing punky or spalted wood or other porous materials. It also works well as a clear turning finish for small projects such as pens or knife handles, and lets you quickly repair hairline fractures that appear in the material during turning without delaying the work.

With a low viscosity of 2 to 3 cPs, it penetrates cracks as narrow as 0.002" wide and bonds in less than 5 seconds. With the application of an accelerator, bonding is nearly instant.

The glue comes with two applicator caps, a clog-resistant stopper, and eight precision microtips that fit over the dispensing nozzle to permit extremely accurate glue application. The microtips can be cut to a desired opening width and are good for more than one application if soaked in acetone immediately after use.

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